Maurice F. Prout, Ph.D.

Maurice Prout completed his Ph.D. in 1974 at American University in Washington, D.C. Upon graduating he was accepted as a post doctoral resident fellow at the Eastern Pennsylvania Psychiatric Institute. While there he was clinically supervised by Joseph Wolpe, M.D. and Edna Foa, Ph.D.

In July of 1975 Dr. Prout accepted a position as an Assistant Professor at Hahnemann Medical College in Philadelphia. While at Hahnemann he taught doctoral level clinical psychology students and psychiatric residents on a full-time basis. He also was privileged to be the only psychologist invited to be a member of the Division of Liaison Psychiatry. Additional training received while at Hahnemann included intensive clinical supervision in cognitive therapy from Aaron Beck, M.D. at the Cognitive Therapy Center located at the University of Pennsylvania. Dr. Prout also completed an internship in clinical neuropsychology at Hahnemann’s neuropsychology laboratory. He remained at Hahnemann until 1989 at which time the Psy.D. program moved to Widener University.

More about Maurice Prout

Dr. Prout is a Full Professor at the Institute for Graduate Clinical Psychology located at Widener University. He is director of the Respecialization Program. His area of concentration is cognitive behavioral therapy with special focus on anxiety and mood disorders. Courses taught include Introduction to Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Clinical Case Conference, Behavioral Medicine and Film, Clinical Themes and Intervention. During his tenure at Widener, Dr. Prout has chaired the admissions committee and the Institutional Review Board.


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